Set yourself up on your own blind date.

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How It Works


Sign up for your free account.


Set up your profile.  We auto-blur photos for some mystery.


Use pre-defined questions and responses to chat.  Then decide who you want to date.


Confirm day, time and location all within the app and go on your blind date!


There's no way we would have met if someone hadn't fixed us up [on a blind date]. So it definitely changed our life because we ended up getting married and having a beautiful family.

Dennis and Marilyn B., Pennsylvania

App Features

Blurred images peak your curiosity and leave you wanting to see more

Standardized profiles keep the content direct and to the point

Pre-defined questions and responses keep the conversation going.  Ask what matters to you and skip what doesn't.

Pin verification let's you know that you've met the correct person for your blind date


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